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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Could You Go 100% Unprocessed?

My answer is no. Well, maybe - if you live on or near a farm where you can get everything you eat, or grow everything yourself. Not to mention the increased cost, most of us would not be able to endure that. What I think is a better solution is to find a happy medium of the foods that have an adverse affect on you and your family, and either eliminate them or find organic alternatives. If you can reduce or eliminate processed sugar (high fructose corn syrup), raw sugar, wheat, gluten, and cholesterol, that's a start.

Meat is a different problem. The jury's still out on how consuming meat with artificially enhanced hormones and such affects us. But I think we all know it can't be good for us. Again, unless you grow your own pigs, cows and chicken, and eliminate pesticides from their diet, your choices are to eat what's available at the market or go vegan. You could kill your own. Think of this, it's one thing to shoot a deer from 100 yards away, or shoot a squirrel or a rabbit deep in the woods. But how many of us have the heart to hold down a live chicken and cut its head off? Or to kill a cow that you've raised since birth?

So you can see that eliminating processed foods from your diet isn't impossible, but is not practical nor reasonable for today's lifestyle, IMHO.

Read full article at Could You Go 100% Unprocessed? | Care2 Healthy & Green Living

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