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Saturday, October 23, 2010

6 Fun Ways to Help Your Heart

I think these should be on your "lifelong" bucket list, they should be habits. While I'm not fond of dark chocolate, laughter is one thing we don't have enough of in this world. It doesn't always go over very well in the workplace, but the boss isn't always around. And who said that beer and music were bad for us? What did you say, my hearing's bad from listening to all that hard rock music as a kid. Did I forget to mention "sex"? Who doesn't want more of that. I think the young lady that wrote this article, Danielle Braff, knows her priorities. Who would have guessed that dark chocolate, music, laughter, and sex were all good for us. And all at the same time has to be that much better. Although I don't recommend mixing the sex with the game console (or television for that matter).


6 Fun Ways to Help Your Heart | Care2 Healthy & Green Living

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