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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Scary Food Science

It's amazing how something can taste so good but be so bad for us. Fast foods and processed foods alike are all around us. It's become part of the fabric of life on Earth. In the world of our busy lifestyles, modern conveniences, and the need to have it now, processed foods are practically unavoidable.

When I was growing up, my mother rarely opened a can or a box of food. She made most everything from scratch. We had a garden, and what came out of that garden is what we ate most of the summer. The rest was canned then used as needed. Yes canned, you know, with those Mason jars you see in the dollar store? It's a lost art to say the least. Anyhow, we would can what we could to preserve it to needed. No preservatives or chemicals.

We got meat from the butcher, from the cow. One year we had deer meat form a deer I killed myself. We used to even get milk from the dairy, the kind that had to be shaken before being drank because it came straight from the cow. Can't do that nowadays, all milk has to be pasteurized by law.

So my mother, who didn't work (a sign of the times that once were), would start dinner in the morning. It takes time to make something truly homemade, like spaghetti, stuffed peppers, or soup. During the summer and when weather permitted, we cooked on the grilled. We ate allot of baked potatoes, fried zucchini, egg plant, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.

But nowadays, a home cooked meal comes from a can or a box. We, as a society, do not take the time to properly prepare food anymore. Our health is all evident of that.

This is an enlightening article of things yo may or may not know about processed food. We all need to be reminded to avoid putting bad things into our bodies. I hope you find it informative and useful.

Read full article at Scary Food Science | Care2 Healthy & Green Living

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