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Sunday, June 13, 2010

How to Eat More Fiber at Every Meal

A few years ago when I created this site, I wasn't all that careful about what I ate. That's a dangerous prospect for someone on the backside of 40. Just recently I've had to change some things in my life due to concerns about my blood pressure, weight, and sugar levels. With that in mind it has become necessary for me to reduce or avoid the carbohydrates, and go for things that are, you might say, less palatable.

Mind you, according to Dr. Mercola, I have a blood type that is genetically desirable to meat and potatoes, actually stems from the Neanderthal period. OK, for the ladies reading this, go ahead and laugh and have fun with that one.

So when I found this article this morning, I had to share it. This is another informative article from our friends at care2.com. Enjoy.

How to Eat More Fiber at Every Meal

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