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Friday, July 3, 2009

The Real Reasons We Overeat

If you are concerned about what you eat, this is a must read. It's an amazing eye-opener to the hidden facts about fast food and processed food, and the long term effects on our bodies. The article criticizes the books author, however, for not addressing many of the other factors which cause us to overeat, or simply effect our eating habits.

I don't personally think this is bad thing. No one book or publication is going to have or address everything. If they did they would have the market cornered, we'd all be thin (again). The moral of this story is that if it comes in a nice wrapper, and the packaging and advertisements appeal to you, and/or it tastes good, it's probably not good for you. Wait a minute while I drink the last of my coffee. Oh wait, this is Friday, is coffee good for me today? Have to watch the news and see I guess!

Source article: The Real Reasons We Overeat

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